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Mercedes-Benz Vito Panzer
Protection according to GOST: Br4
  • Preservation of the factory paint
  • No external signs of booking
  • The sliding door has been replaced with a swing door
  • Reinforced door hinges
  • Reinforced braking system JBT
  • Reinforced springs
  • Glass blocks 5 protection class, behind the standard tinted windows
  • Glass tinting according to GOST
  • Front sink windows 5 protection class
  • Windshield with current heating
  • Bullet traps for blocking doorways
  • Armored anti-fragmentation protection of floor Br3 protection class
  • Armored roof protection Бр3 protection class

  • Armored protection of the car around the perimeter of the cabin
  • Energy-independent armored lowering glass in the partition, protection class 5 39mm
  • Armor protection of the engine shield

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